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  TC Productions' philosophy dictates that we don't rest on our reputation.  Our enthusiasm for being the best and setting the standard is reinvented on every project.  From concept to completion, TC Productions delivers more than just a product; we deliver fresh ideas and fine-tuned film and video solutions.

TC Productions has built strong relationships with production and post-production houses, audio studios, crews, talent agencies, duplicators and all necessary vendors to produce and deliver a successful, high-quality product.

"As interpreters of ideas, we listen first, understand second, and only then produce dynamic and effective programs meeting your goals and budget," says company owner and lead producer, director and writer, Tom Cohen.

Mr. Cohen holds degrees in TV and Film Production and Advertising from Drake University and has a solid career as a professional television producer and director with broad-based experience including writing, producing and directing TV commercials and communications programs in a variety of creative formats.  With experience in directing and producing live, multi-camera, ENG, EFP and film style formats, Tom is an energetic team leader with proven accomplishments, and excellent creative, organizational and problem-solving abilities.

Cohen is a member of the International Television Association and the International Association of Audio-Visual Communicators. He is the recipient of several major industry awards, including:
  5 Silver — Directing
4 Silver — Training
  4 Gold — Directing
3 Gold — Writing
3 Silver — Editing
2 Silver — Writing
1 Silver — Music & Lyrics
  4 Silver Reels — Directing
3 Silver Reels — Writing
1 Silver Reel — Training
  3 Gold — Directing
1 Gold — Editing
2 Silver — Directing
1 Silver — Editing
  1 Silver — Best Writing
1 Silver — Training
  2 Award of Excellence — Directing
1 Award of Distinction — Training
  Best Retail Department Store Advertising  
  Best Short Form Commercial  
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